North Pittsburgh Children's House

At North Pittsburgh Children’s House (NPCH), we’ve created a comfortable, warm and motivating Montessori environment so that each child can feel the joy, satisfaction and love of learning. Our vision is to send each NPCH graduate into the world with an appreciation of learning that lasts a lifetime.  We named our school “Children’s House” to emulate Dr. Maria Montessori’s first schools in Italy.  And we continually strive to honor and authentically represent Dr. Montessori’s philosophy and educational intent.


“We share the same vision for the school and the same belief in individualizing each child’s educational experience with us. NPCH gives us the opportunity to work together and dedicate our full attention toward the same cause.”
~Marla & Al Pettit, NPCH Co-Founders
Directress and Business Administrator
Parents of four NPCH graduates