typical day at Montessori

A typical day at NPCH begins with the children organizing their bags, outer garments and lunches, before slipping into their slippers to begin the “Group” session.  “Group” serves the crucial function of marking the beginning of each session.  It is a time for each child to assemble as part of the bigger class to sit quietly and listen.  It represents the transition from each child’s busy life outside of the school, to becoming a member of a collective Montessori Community.  During Group, the teacher presents lessons, reviews the calendar date and special activities or events associated with it, and reads books and poems related to the academic topics for the month.  The children sing songs and explore rhythm during this time as well.

Following Group, the children begin a 2-hour "Work" period.  During this time, they receive individual and group lessons and are free to choose appropriate Montessori Work.  At the conclusion of the Work period, the children collectively clean up the classroom and then gather again for Group dismissal.

"I like my school because we read and learn and have fun. I really love that I get to help the younger kids too."

NPCH Student

"I'll never forget my first visit to NPCH. I was struck by the busy little bodies, all working with each other. While my daughter was swept away by one of the older students to pour rice, I sat with the teacher for a full 30 minutes without interruption. Incredible."
Mother of four NPCH Graduates

"When we started learning division in 3rd grade, I thought, "Wow, this is easy, I already did this kind of math with the stamp game at NPCH!"

NPCH Graduate '05