in their own words

When asked to talk about their memories of NPCH, two Graduates wrote:

“NPCH is a nurturing, innovative, and family-like atmosphere where students feel free to learn and express themselves. During my time there, I gained knowledge and skills that laid the foundation for success in the rest of my life—from the names of shapes to long division to sentence structures to washing dishes. I cherish the many fun memories I made at NPCH; I never ran out of things to learn, conversations to have, or activities to enjoy. The teachers, particularly Mrs. Pettit and “Mister”, filled the school with clever activities that were effective in teaching kindergarteners essential skills, but were challenging enough to make for a stellar education. The education was so enjoyable, though, because everyone involved with NPCH puts his or her heart and soul into the school. We all felt completely comfortable learning from our teachers, appreciated their shoe-tying services when it was time to go out for recess, and felt like a great big family when we sang songs and listened to stories during group time. The teachers motivated and encouraged us, making learning something we looked forward to every day. I still miss the caring, energetic environment there (and wearing slippers in school!), and I’m grateful for the invaluable education I received and for the lasting memories I made. NPCH was the starting point for becoming the person I am today, and I would recommend the school to anyone looking for a secure, comfortable, and incredibly fun place for their children to learn and grow.”

NPCH Graduate ‘99

"For three important years of my life as I grew and developed in early childhood, the teachers at North Pittsburgh Children's House encouraged me to think, to learn and to form my own ideas.  My memories still stand out about how this amazing school laid the foundation for and helped to create the connections between both my academic achievement and my desire to be creative outside of school."

NPCH Graduate '96

"I like my school because we read and learn and have fun. I really love that I get to help the younger kids too."

NPCH Student

"I'll never forget my first visit to NPCH. I was struck by the busy little bodies, all working with each other. While my daughter was swept away by one of the older students to pour rice, I sat with the teacher for a full 30 minutes without interruption. Incredible."
Mother of four NPCH Graduates

"When we started learning division in 3rd grade, I thought, "Wow, this is easy, I already did this kind of math with the stamp game at NPCH!"

NPCH Graduate '05