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playground at NPCH

The Lunch Room. Perfectly sized stools and chairs pepper the Lunch Room for lively chatter.  It is a social highlight of the day that is fully anticipated by the children.  Full-Day students enjoy lunch together every day.  Morning and Afternoon children are always welcome to join us!

Snack Time! There are many treasured traditions at NPCH that will become rich, joyful memories for your child.  For example, snack time takes on a whole new meaning at NPCH.  In order to enjoy a snack, the child completes a six-step “handwashing procedure.”  It’s worth every minute of preparation and the children look forward to it.  It’s a nice break for the children – twice a day -- to socialize with a couple of other friends at a time in a special snack area.  These wholesome snacks are provided by the school and are also donated by generous parents.

Butterfly Tradition. As Spring approaches, NPCH hosts a large number of Painted Lady chrysalises in a special chamber in the school.  The children enthusiastically observe the subtle changes in these budding butterflies each day.  A great anticipation builds for the unforgettable day when the Kindergarten children release the butterflies into the world, just as they will be released into the world as First Graders.

The Feast. Each Thanksgiving, the students celebrate by having The Feast at NPCH.  Several days leading up to the holiday, the children study our early ancestors and make crafts and hats to represent the Pilgrims and the Native Americans.  The school becomes full of energy on the day of The Feast as the children enjoy eating together as our ancestors did.

The Holiday Party. Prior to the winter holiday break, NPCH hosts a winter holiday party for the whole school.  Kindergarten parents help the children create crafts and enjoy lunch together.  We enjoy the opportunity to acknowledge and explore holiday customs and traditions of cultures around the world.

The Playground. The large, fenced-in playground with its beautiful gazebo, merry-go-round and ball field, provide a safe setting for discovery and fun after the morning and afternoon sessions.

The Garden. When the school year begins, the children are greeted by a garden with tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and zucchini.  The boys and girls help harvest the fruits of the garden and get to take home some of the fresh produce.  In the Spring, the children begin the work of digging the soil and help plant the garden, which will again welcome them back in the Fall when they return.  Children who attend the Summer Program get to begin the harvesting as various plants begin to bear fruit in the summer months.

Summers at NPCH. During the summer, NPCH offers a month-long program for current students and alumni of the school.  The children spend the mornings in a relaxed academic atmosphere and spend the afternoons outside playing water games, basketball and soccer.  NPCH summer afternoons offer friends and siblings the chance for socializing and free play, which are not often part of the "curriculum" of other camps.  It’s a lovely opportunity for students of all ages.


“I felt good when I finished my long chains. My mom knew I finished it and she was happy. I got a pencil from Mrs. Pettit for finishing. My favorite part was that I did it all by myself."
NPCH Student

“From the work my daughter brings home, I can see that she is learning and building confidence, and that there is a guiding hand behind it. She is so proud to show me her work. I never have to ask her, ‘What did you learn at school today?’”
Father of three NPCH Students/Graduates

"As I attend High School now, I realize how important it is to set goals and see them through. I know I first established this discipline with Mr. and Mrs. Pettit. From map making to my first chapter book, they saw that I reached my goals.”~Tori,
NPCH Graduate ‘00