Example Montessori Work

After the conclusion of Group, the children set off to choose a piece of “work.”  You may see a child handling beads, pouring rice or building a tower and think of it as just play.  At NPCH, it’s actually something quite more purposeful.  The beads, rice and tower are all examples of materials to complete work that the child had chosen.

Work, at NPCH, is any academic endeavor your child undertakes.  It fulfills physical and cognitive developmental needs.  From “Pouring Rice” to building a “Cube of Nine,” each piece of work allows your child to accomplish something of meaning, importance and value.

This general work definition lends a positive connotation to the concept of work: work is a privilege, a positive experience. Your child will enjoy his work at NPCH.  Each day he may show or tell you with pride the many extraordinary things he has been able to accomplish.

“I felt good when I finished my long chains. My mom knew I finished it and she was happy. I got a pencil from Mrs. Pettit for finishing. My favorite part was that I did it all by myself."
NPCH Student

“From the work my daughter brings home, I can see that she is learning and building confidence, and that there is a guiding hand behind it. She is so proud to show me her work. I never have to ask her, ‘What did you learn at school today?’”
Father of three NPCH Students/Graduates

"As I attend High School now, I realize how important it is to set goals and see them through. I know I first established this discipline with Mr. and Mrs. Pettit. From map making to my first chapter book, they saw that I reached my goals.”~Tori,
NPCH Graduate ‘00