Teaching Staff of North Pittsburgh Children's House


Peg Hudac. Peg has been a member of the NPCH staff since 1991.  She holds a BA in psychology/education from La Roche College with additional coursework from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  She has a Pennsylvania Teachers Certificate for Private Schools.  Peg and her husband, Pete, live in Hampton and are the parents of four: Josh, Nate, Owen (NPCH '93), and Coby (NPCH '04). Peg will be working with Phonics.

“Mrs. Pettit is nice. I choose work by myself. But she helps me when I need it. I like the stories she reads at Group.”


NPCH Student

"We loved the school because Marla and Al share our values of hard work and respect

for others. When these values are ingrained
in children at a young age, you're off to a great start!”

~Bill and Becky,
Parents of three NPCH Graduates

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget Mr. and Mrs. Pettit.”

NPCH Graduate ‘03