Volunteers of the NPCH

In large part, your participation in the school adds a richness and uniqueness only you could offer. NPCH welcomes you and your family to share with the students any special talent, experience or career you may be willing to spend time exploring in the classroom.  We always welcome this opportunity and urge parents to set up time to just help out in the classroom or to arrange a presentation.  We’ve enjoyed fascinating presentations from biologists, dance instructors, doctors, restaurateurs and stylists.  Please consider sharing your gifts and talents as well with our school.  We would be delighted to have you.

“Mrs. Pettit is nice. I choose work by myself. But she helps me when I need it. I like the stories she reads at Group.”


NPCH Student

"We loved the school because Marla and Al share our values of hard work and respect

for others. When these values are ingrained
in children at a young age, you're off to a great start!”

~Bill and Becky,
Parents of three NPCH Graduates

“I don’t think I’ll ever forget Mr. and Mrs. Pettit.”

NPCH Graduate ‘03